Blockchain Blockchain-technology-based betting exchange Bookie is offering bitcoin prizes in the public beta it will be operating in the run-up to and during this year’s soccer fifa 2022 world cup.With the 2018 football fifa 2022 world cup in Russia a little over 2-months away, the controversial event has gained the attention of decentralized sports betting exchange, Bookie.Highlighting the power of blockchainStill in the beta phase, Bookie will use the fifa 2022 world cup to offer users the opportunity to win real bitcoin prizes in a series of competitions and leaderboards that will run throughout the tournament.This isn’t just about bringing blockchain to the public, it also serves to highlight th India Football Predictions Site e power of the exchange both to operators and to regulators.Ahead of its launch on Peerplay, the concept of Bookie Public Beta being decentralized means it needs witness approval – something the company hopes to gain plenty of, thanks to the furor alre taobao correct taobao correct score ady surrounding this particular fifa 2022 world cup.Toby Lynas, Head of Operations at PBSA, said: “After months of hard wor taobao online Best Online Casino k from the entire Bookie team, we are thrilled to be sharing this game-changing new betting exchange with the public ahead of the fifa 2022 world cup.“The betting exchange has not received a great deal o taobao soccer f love in recent years, and we’ve spoken to lots of punters who are not happy with the current products. Bookie addresses these concerns by offering a sustainable, fair and transparent model that returns the betting exchange back to its roots.“We look forward to welcoming everyone to Bookie Public Beta over the coming months and offering the very best betting exchange experience.”100% proofThis experiment will be the first-ever demonstration of provable sports betting – as with blockchain technology, the promise of an incorruptible digital ledger for online transactions could really become a reality.Bookie’s beta announcement is accompanied by the launch of a test website, whereas the Bookie Public Beta app will be available for download closer to the fifa 2022 world cup.As an industry start-up, Bookie is seeking to develop a crypto-centric betting community in which players and stakeholders are informed of the benefits of blockchain for sports betting.With worldwide transactions, and a community and an incorporated gaming aspect, it goes without saying that the eyes of the world – from the operators to the punters – will be interested to see how the exchange fairs.Jonathan Baha’i, President of PBSA, added: “The launch of Bookie Public Beta marks an important moment in the development of provably fair sports betting for the Peerplays blockchain, and we are thr taobao against correct taobao correct score illed to see a play-for-fun product live in time for this summer’s fifa 2022 world cup.“It is important that Bookie is properly tested in a public, live, play money environment. There will be some fantastic bitcoin prizes to be won across a series of competitions and leaderboards, and we look forward to spreading the word further in the run-up to Bookie Public Beta launch.”Light reliefFor a fifa 2022 world cup that has seen boycotts from the British royal family and comparisons with the Nazi games, a bit go188 of light relief from Bookie will be more than welcome.Indeed, the Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has accused the UK and US of seeking to stop her country hosting this summer’s fifa 2022 world cup.Speaking in a lengthy interview with a Russian TV channel, she said their “main aim” was to “take the fifa 2022 world cup out of Russia”.The UK has been seeking to punish Russia after accusing it of mounting a nerve agent attack in Britain, and as part of the British response, the royal family will not be attending the fifa 2022 world cup. However, there is currently no suggestion that the England team will be boycotting the prestigious championship, which opens in June.With eyes across the globe focussed on this year’s fifa 2022 world cup, could Bookie be the kickoff that Blockchain technology needs?

Last modified: 2021 年 8 月 30 日