Spanish flags waving Spain has lifted the tighter gambling advertising restrictions that were instituted in an effort to protect the vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. [Image:]Elimination of temporary measuresSpain has ended the temporary restrictions on gambling ads that have been in place during the coronavirus pandemic. The cancellation of the more stringent rules was announced via a new Royal Decree on June 10. Royal Decree-Law 21/2020 was published in the Official State Gazette, repealing Article 37 of the Royal Decree Law 11/2020 that originally installed stricter advertising regulations for the gambling industry. nearly 290,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Spain The State of Emergency in Spain has been in place since March 13, set to come to an end on June 21. There have been nearly 290,000 confirme India Football Predictions Site d cases of COVID-19 in Spain, the fifth-most of any country, and 27,136 confirmed deaths as of Wednesday night.Restrictions were tightThe restrictions put the clamps down on most gambling advertising. Things such as free bets, discounts, and bonuses were not allowable. Direct advertising through social media and direct e-mail communications to customers was also banned. Gambling operators were not permitted to mention the pandemic, either implicitly or explicitly, in advertising campaigns. Ads were barred from being shown on radio, television, and internet video outside of a 1am to 5am window. Isolating ads to the middle of the night was an issue for eight teams in the Spanish soc go188 cer league La Liga that have gambling companies as their jersey sponsor. It would have meant that the clu taobao correct taobao correct score bs would have to block the logos or take them off the jerseys completely. It appears, however, that this will no longer be a taobao against correct taobao correct score problem after Article 37 is repealed.New, tough r taobao soccer egulations on the wayWhile these temporary restrictions are gone, there are other future plans to curtail gambling operators’ advertising efforts, announced in February. They include a ban on taobao online Best Online Casino advertising at certain times of the day, references to bonus offers in ads, and public figures being used as spokespeople. Operators will no longer be able to promote gambling as a way to achieve social or financial success and all acquisition bonuses will be maxed out at €100 ($113.65). Operators can only send e-mails after double-checking that the recipients are not in Spain’s self-exclusion database or are deemed to be at-risk gamblers. must be a responsible gambling message included after every four normal gambling ads New social media measures will help stop underage people from being subjected to gambling ads and there must be a responsible gambling message included after every four normal gambling ads.

Last modified: 2021 年 8 月 30 日