The Executive Yuan approved the "Salute to the Sea" policy in May 2010.  The picture shows the demonstration wind farm ocean.  (file photo, photo by Yin Yuhuan)

The Executive Yuan approved the “Salute to the Sea” policy in May 2010. The picture shows the demonstration wind farm ocean. (File photo, photo by Yin Yuhuan)

The Executive Yuan approved the “Salute to the Sea” policy in May 2010, which clearly defined the 1,988-kilometer coastal rights and management units across the country and integrated the central and local governments. The government has established a clean-up mechanism, implemented various source reduction work, reduced coastal waste, and jointly maintained coastal cleanliness. Today (2) the Executive Yuan will also conduct a report on “Salute to the Ocean”.

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EPA stated that the Executive Yuan Integrate 9 central ministries, 15 agencies, and cooperate with 19 coastal local governments to establish “regular clearing”, “immediate clearing” and “emergency clearing” mechanisms. According to a survey by non-governmental organizations, the existing coastal garbage in the country has decreased by nearly 40% compared with 2019, and coastal cleaning and maintenance have achieved results.

EPA It is pointed out that the “Salute to the Sea” policy has promoted the work of coastal waste cleanup and source reduction so far, including the promotion of the real-name system for gillnet fishing gear in conjunction with local governments, the establishment of temporary waste storage areas in fishing ports and the encouragement of recycling mechanisms, and the strengthening of river surface waste retention. , Symptoms and root causes go hand in hand, combined with coastal waste monitoring data, rolling reviews, and implementation of the goal of keeping the coast clean.

The Oceanographic Commission stated that Taiwan is surrounded by the sea and is rich in marine resources. Fully open and neglected management highlights that my country’s strategy of moving towards the vision of a maritime nation still needs to be reviewed and refined; since 2020, the Executive Yuan, after promoting the “Salute to the Mountains” policy, has shown results, and will continue to implement the policy of “purifying the sea, knowing the sea, near the sea, “Entering the sea” is the connotation of the four major policies, promoting the “Salute to the sea” policy, and inviting 13 ministries including the Oceanographic Commission to work with local governments to handle key tasks. In addition to purifying the ocean, Go188 has also demonstrated the implementation results of the remaining three policy connotations.

IOC The meeting stated that with the joint efforts of all ministries and committees, the phased results of opening up the ocean, transparency of information, improving facilities, deepening education, and risk-taking have been achieved, and stressed that June 8 is National Oceans Day and the United Nations World Oceans Day. Combined with the goals of the National Ocean Policy White Paper, continue to improve “clean ocean” and “open ocean”GO188 – “200% improvement is still lost to Dai Ziying” coach Sindhu won after revealing the world ball work to achieve the sustainable goal of Ocean Taiwan.

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