Today’s daytime high temperature is estimated to be around 32 to 34 degrees, and the local temperature will be higher. It feels warm and hot, and the ultraviolet rays are also strong around noon. Remember to go out Pay attention to sun protection and add more water (photo/photo by Yan Linyu)

The Central Meteorological Administration said today that it is mostly cloudy to sunny in various places, and it is warm and warm. The high temperature during the day is estimated to be Celsius in various places. 32 to 34 degrees; there will be local short-term thunderstorms in various mountainous areas in the afternoon, and it may also rain in Greater Taipei, Yilan, and Hualien, and there is a chance of local heavy rain.

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The Meteorological Bureau website issued a message stating that the environment around Taiwan is generally southwesterly today, and most places are It is cloudy to clear and the sun is visible, and it is warm and hot. There are only scattered showers or thunderstorms in the central and southern regions from the early morning to the morning, but the rainfall is short and the scope is small.

Meteorological Bureau TableGO188 – Let’s talk about why Chinese Olympic athletes are “more women than men.” said that due to the heat in the afternoon, there will be some brief thunderstorms mainly in various mountainous areas, and it may also rain in Greater Taipei, Yilan, and Hualien. There is a possibility of local heavy rain, so it is recommended to bring rain gear when going out.

In terms of temperature, the Bureau of Meteorology pointed out that due to the warm air brought by the southerly wind, the temperature in various places in the early morning at night is 25 to 27 degrees, and the high temperature in the daytime is estimated to be around 32 to 34 degrees. The local temperature will be even higher, you will feel warm and hot, and the ultraviolet rays will also be stronger around noon. Remember to pay attention to sunscreen and add more water when you go out.

In addition, there are strong gusts from Miaoli to GO188 in the coastal open areas of Taoyuan and Ludao and Lanyu. Please note that there are low clouds or partial fog in Kinmen and Mazuyi, which will affect visibility and traffic. Please pay attention to the flight information for round trips.

The air quality forecast for Taiwan is here!

According to the air quality forecast information of the Environmental Protection Agency, today’s environmental wind field is southwesterly, and the south of the bamboo seedlings is located on the windward side, with good diffusion conditions; the northern air quality area is located downwind, and pollutants are slightly easier to accumulate; Matsu and Kinmen are prone to local fog or low clouds that affect visibility.

Bamboo, Central, Yunjianan, Gaoping, Yilan, Huadong Kongpin District, Matsu, Kinmen, and Penghu were rated as “Good”; the Northern Kongpin District was rated as “Normal” grade. Editor in charge / Chen Yizhen

Last modified: 2022 年 11 月 18 日