Foreign Minister Wu Zhaoxie (pictured) said in an exclusive interview with US media that Taiwan will not seek formal independence. You Yinglong, chairman of the Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation, believes that this move is equivalent to the Tsai government’s blatant “betrayal of Taiwan independence.” (File photo, photo by Ke Chenghui)

Foreign Minister Wu Zhaoxie said in an exclusive interview with National Public Radio (NPR) that Taiwan will not seek formal independence. Chairman of Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation You Yinglong believes that this means that the Tsai government has publicly “betrayed Taiwan independence”. You Yinglong also raised several analytical questions, whether such humiliation can be exchanged for peace, “Is it a good business for the Tsai government?”

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Wu Zhaoxie once announced through NPR in 2020 that Taiwan will not seek to establish a comprehensive relationship with the United States for the time being; now, Wu Zhaoxie also expressed through NPR that Taiwan is striving to avoid war and will maintain the status quo, and will not seek formalities independence on. You Yinglong said on Facebook today (2) that “selling out Taiwan’s independence” must be the rational calculation of the Tsai government; however, not only is this not a good business, it may be a catastrophe.

As to why the Tsai government thinks “selling out Taiwan independence” is a good business, You Yinglong put forward 6 points of analysis and pointed out that, first of all, the Tsai government believes that maintaining the status quo is the mainstream of Taiwan’s public opinion, and abandoning it is extremely controversial It is not a pity for Taiwan independence to be achieved; moreover, The US Democratic government has “not supported Taiwan independence” for a long time; third, the CCP strongly opposes de jure Taiwan independence; fourth, the Russian-Ukrainian war The outbreak has greatly increased the risk of the CCP’s armed invasion of Taiwan GO188.

Fifth, You Yinglong said that the United States was forced to be involved in the Russian-Ukrainian war and did not want the Taiwan Strait at this time. A war also broke out; in the end, President Tsai Ing-wen was able to please China and the United States in one fell swoop in the next two years. In the future, the United States will not only be the backer, but may even pave the way for the “Cai-Xi Association”. Maybe there is a chance to win the Nobel Peace Prize. , is not the pen of God, what is the pen of God?”

But You Yinglong also said, no matter how self-righteous and rational decision-making, There are inevitably loopholes, and he also put forward 6 points of analysis on why “selling out Taiwan independence” is not a good business. First of all, the mainstream public opinion in the United States supports Taiwan’s sovereign independence. Isn’t it embarrassing to reverse it? Furthermore, more than half of Taiwan favors independence in the future. The Tsai government’s move is equivalent to “eating pork in front of Muslims.” Third, Tsai Ing-wen clearly violated the “four insistences” declared in last year’s National Day speech, and one-sidedly for the people. make a decision.

Fourth, You Yinglong pointed out that this move violated the DPP platform for Taiwan independence, as well as the two resolutions of 1999 and 2007; fifth, the Russian-Ukrainian warGO188 – Ye Riwu’s point of view: Eastern Olympics’ alternative reflection-Taiwan = Asian sports power? At the same time, the international army praised Ukrainian President Dzelensky’s heroic leadership, and Taiwan’s cowardice and incompetence at this moment is enough to make Western society stunned and shame Taiwanese. In the end, Taiwan has become a sovereign and independent country that lives up to its name and reality. It has become the mainstream public opinion in society and is the last trump card to contain the CCP’s armed intrusion on Taiwan.

You Yinglong further said, for a long time across the strait, “you are not armed, I am not alone” and “you are martial, I am alone” atmosphere of. Today, the CCP is only circling Taiwan with warships, and there is no real force to invade Taiwan. The Tsai government cannot wait to announce to the public that “to avoid war, not to seek independence”, which means “I am not alone, you do not use force”, but such humiliation is really Can it be exchanged for peace? God bless the people of Taiwan.

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Last modified: 2022 年 11 月 16 日