hand holds two Aces cards in poker A well-intentioned tweet from Patrick Leonard on Friday made public a private feud between two of Germany’s best players. [Image: Shutterstock.com]Animosity between two of Germany’s best players goes publicLast Friday saw one of the more surprising Twitter spats after a well-intentioned post from Patrick Leonard made public a private feud between two of Germany’s best players. It didn’t take much for high-stakes pros and training content/app creators Dominik Nitsche and Ben ‘Bencb’ Rolle to be at each other’s virtual throats (despite not actually following each other). Sprinkle in a Jaime Staples defense of Rolle, and all the ingredients were in the mix for a social media ding dong. there was genuine animus and we were witnessing a real polemicInitially, you would have been forgiven for suspecting that this was all a marketing ploy, some theatrics designed to promote Rolle’s ‘Raise Your Edge’ and Nitsche’s ‘DTO’. As it got nastier, however, it was clear that there was genuine animus and we were witnessing a real polemic.Some poker training products are the real thingA blonde lady with blue eyes sings “I’d like to buy the world a home, and furnish it with love.” A group of young people dressed in a dashiki, a kimono, a dirndl, a Nehru and a turtleneck sing “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. I’d like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company.” 200 people stand on a hilltop singing “It’s the real thing -Coke is what the world wants today.” One of the most iconic commercials of all time first aired on American television on July 8, 1971. At that time, millions were marching to protest the Vietnam War, two music legends Louis Armstrong and Jim Morrison had just died within days of one another and, of course, a blissed-out Don Draper was ‘om-ing’ in yogic meditation on that very same hilltop.In the iconic seventies Coke ad, we were given a vision of unity, a glimpse of harmony; all the world in concert thanks to a bottle of fizzy sugar water. In short, it presented us with a quick fix, and who doesn’t like those, right? Poker players look for them all the time. The eureka moment. The secret sauce. The Tony Robbins fortune cookie aphorism of nonsense that will make you a crusher.in poker there are no quick fixesThe truth is, though, that in poker there are no quick fixes. Winning these days requires study, hard work, and an open mind. There are lots of snake oil salesmen out there, offering little to no bang for your buck. There are also a lot of excellent training products on the market to help you on your mission, should you choose to accept it.Leonard unintentionally starts social media spat Benjamin Rolle’s (Bencb) poker training site, Raise Your Edge, has been around for years. Its flagship piece of content, ‘Poker Tournament Materclass’, promises to take your game to the next level by helping you to plug your leaks and master pre-flop ranges.In 2019, Dominic Nitsche and Markus Prinz released ‘DTO Postflop’, and just last month they unveiled ‘DTO Preflop’. With this new release, they are giving the poker public access to a complete library of charts for a one-time payment of just $399. That’s far cheaper than the going price for other comprehensive ranges.Also last month, the elite poker training site Run it Once released PADS on PADS – a 160-video series by high-stakes British poker pro Patrick ‘Pads’ Leonard on Postflop & Preflop Play. The series compiles 80+ hours of videos looking at ranges, bet sizing, pushing equity, limping, bubble play, and final table play.Given the caliber of all the people involved, all of whom play at the upper echelons of the game, it was surprising to see that a war of words had broken out involving them all on Twitter this past Friday. Patrick Leonard inadvertently lit the match with a tweet giving shoutouts to the makers of premium content/apps on the market.In terms of putting out volume of content, having an active discord server and his partner @highhands89 seems perfect fit! I think in a very saturated space @DTOPoker are coming out on top in terms of spots and situations to train and evaluate. @raiseyouredge of course very close— Patrick Leonard (@padspoker) March 26, 2021No good deed ever went unpunished. Little did Leonard know that he had accidentally stepped into a minefield. Nitsche, who was just crowned Unibet Open champion last weekend, immediately aired his grievances with Rolle and ‘Raise Your Edge’.Can do for your taobao soccer game. Ngl it's an effective way to protect their own bottomline but it's also scummy and the only reason it works is because the average guy they catch is gullible enough to buy into their cult.— Dominik Nitsche (@DominikNitsche) March 26, 2021Rolle stepped in to defend his position with a 12-part thread, claiming that Nitsche had said that he endorsed ‘Raise Your Edge’ until Rolle had made public criticisms of DTO. He taobao against taobao correct score called Nitsche a hypocrite and questioned his approach to marketing.10 I should probably start making this more public and make people aware of what kind of Snake Dom really is. Trying to be the Hero that "fights" the bad masterclass creators whereas he actually never had a problem with us.— bencb (@bencb789) March 26, 2021Nitsche responded by calling Rolle’s pre-flop charts snake-oil.Today’s free pro tip is inspired by my good friend Ben. Everyone’s favorite poker coach.Left: snake oilQuite frankly the worst starting hand chart I’ve seen. Terrible Right: mathDTO. The way the pros do it pic.twitter.com/hImJNc0iRB— Dominik Nitsche (@DominikNitsche) March 26, 2021Jamie Staples gets in the mixCue Twitch streamer and ‘Raise Your Edge’ affiliate Jamie Staples to throw some petrol on the fire.I value guys like @bencb789 . Always makes as much time as possible for his community. The way other training products use sub opt lines to belittle people, and services, based on ‘their approach’ to poker is so lame. Grow up, treat your peers with respect, let quality shine.— Jaime Staples (@jaimestaples) March 26, 2021Dominik immediately hit back, pointing to Staples’s bias and implying that, from what he’s seen from Jamie’s play on stream, he doesn’t actually follow the RYE charts that he endorses.Jaime I like you man but you’re an RYE affiliate. Also I know for a fact you don’t follow their charts. I saw you pile QJs for 40bbYou believe in math.— Dominik Nitsche (@DominikNitsche) March 26, 2021Nitsche even went as far as to suggest that Staples might be a customer of DTO.Jamie plays preflop like he owns DTO pre. He’s extremely solid and RNGs correctly pre.He didn’t get that strategy from RYE— Dominik Nitsche (@DominikNitsche) March 26, 2021Staples, a promoter of many poker goods and services via his Twitch stream and podcast, admitted to reaching out to all the training apps (except DTO).I can be an affiliate for any training company out there. I spoken to all of them (except yours.) I choose to keep working with raise your edge because they have provided me a lot of value. Along with others.— Jaime Staples (@jaimestaples) March 26, 2021Any doubts that this altercation was real were dispelled as Nitsche broke down the morality of his position. It became clear that the crux of the matter for him was the hypocrisy of promoting and endorsing a product that you wouldn’t use yourself.Anyway all of this to say I think in poker we'd be best off searching out coaches who actually teach you material they believe in.I hold our Affiliates to th go188 e same standards.I wouldn't want anyone promoting DTO who doesn't believe our ranges are good.— Dominik Nitsche (@DominikNitsche) March 28, 2021S India Football Predictions Site taples responded with name-calling, saying that there is more to what Rolle offers than the raw output from the solver.Too far from both of them. Your missing the point! You are choosing to be an asshole, when you can just let your work speak for itself. The is more to teaching than a sim output. Ben gets that, you don’t. You can be better without telling everyone who sucks.— Jaime Staples (@jaimestaples) March 26, 2021He followed up literally two minutes later more indirectly with a quote which echoed Rolle’s comment about negative marketing.“There are two ways to have the tallest building in town. One is to tear everyone else’s building down, and the other is to build your building taller” -Jim Rohn No respect for the former. Weak, easy, destructive, selfish.— Jaime Staples (@jaimestaples) March 26, 2021Oddly, though, it was a quote from Jim Rohn, the ‘motivational speaker’ and mentor of both self-help snake oil salesman Tony Robins and MLM pyramid schemer and Herbalife CEO Mark Hughes. Rohn is far from a paragon of virtue.Nitsche points at customer base as proof of his product’s superiorityThis may not have been a marketing ploy, but it certainly got eyes on both products last week. Guerrilla advertising of this nature does not seem like Nitsche’s style and, as the drama unfolded, he may have made his true motivation clear. As a player, Nitsche has preoccupied himself with equilibrium and was one of the earliest adapters to solvers. He just genuinely believes his product is the best and that other inferior products are being touted in bad faith.Believing in exploitative preflop charts is the equivalent of believing in santa claus. #snakeoil https://t.co/XwAWUfTFIt— Dominik Nitsche (@DominikNitsche) March 28, 2021Nitsche called Rolle’s followers “minions” and pointed to his customer base as all the proof you need.Worse even: their Ambassadors know it's bad and actively seek out better material.We make the better material they seek— Dominik Nitsche (@DominikNitsche) March 27, 2021It will take m mobilebet365 online casino India ore than a bottle of Coke to fix this one. In fact, this feud is unlikely to simmer down any time soon, as both sides feel like they have been besmirched by the other. Let’s just hope that Patrick taobao online Best Online Casino ‘Teach The Poker World To Sing’ Leonard has learned his lesson.When you tried to make everybody be friends and somehow started ww3.— Patrick Leonard (@padspoker) March 26, 2021

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