two digitally drawn hands about to touch Donations from the poker community poured in during Veronica Brill’s Twitch stream to raise funds for a van that will transport KL Cleeton to the 2021 WSOP. [Image:]Poker inspiration needs (more) wheelsThe poker community showed up in a big way this weekend to support one of their own. The poker player, manager of poker training site Learn Pro Poker, and co-founder of the training app Range Trainer Pro KL Cleeton is an inspirational story in the poker world and a much-loved member of the community. Born with a severe form of spinal muscular atrophy, Cleeton isunable to raise his head or sit without support. He describes his condition as “beingparalyzed from the neck down but I feel everything”, adding, “my muscles just don’t work. I am able tomovemy right thumb a very tiny amount and that’s what I use to steermy wheelchair.”He plans to return to the big dance India Football Predictions Site this year, but to do so he requires a reliable form of transportation.In 2017, with the help of Daniel Negreanu, KL played and cashed the WSOP Main Event. He plans to return to the big dance this year, but to do so he requires a reliable form of transportation. Because of his condition, KL is unable to fly. A van fitted for his specific needs is what is required to make this happen.Spearheading the effort is poker pro and Poker After Dark presenter Veronica Brill, who set up a GoFundMe page for Cleeton. Last night, she organized a hugely successful, star-studded fundraising stream on her Twitch channel:I will be hosting a fundraiser on Sunday 23rd 1230pm-430pm PST to help rai go188 se money for @highhands89's van. We will have special guests and some roasts. Tune in on or— Veronica hey sexy Brill (@Angry_Polak) May 22, 2021Negreanu helped Cleeton live the dreamIn 2017, Cleeton came to poker prominence after he won a video contest organized by poker star Daniel Negreanu. Speaking on The Chip Race poker podcast, Cleeton explained that it never occurred to him to submit a video. He was arm-twisted into doing it by friends in his poker group who thought his hilarious self-effacing schtick would resonate with the wider public. he made it to the money, ultimately cashing for $16,000Cleeton’s friends were right and the video went viral. Negreanu chose him as the winner and, after some transportation hiccups, he lived his taobao soccer dream of playing in the WSOP Main Event. Better yet, with the help of his father who peeled his cards and cut out his bets, he made it to the money, ultimately cashing for $16,000.Since then, Cleeton has become a central figure in the poker community, going on podcasts and contributing on the industry side of things with his work with Learn Pro Poker and Range Trainer Pro. Not to mention his hysterical contributions to the poker Twittersphere via his @highhands89 account. KL is the BatmanLast summer, Cleeton was interviewed by Veronica Brill. He told her the story of why he hasn’t played on the live felt since the 2017 WSOP. Accessibility issues in Best Online Casinos always pose a challenge for people in wheelchairs, but the main problem for Cleeton is getting to Las Vegas, 1,700 miles from his home in Effingham, Illinois. Despite being mired in legal drama surrounding the Mike Postle saga at the time, Brill jumped straight into action and launched a GoFundMe campaign to get her friend “the kind of ride he deserves”. Specifically, this was an adapted van augmented with a ramp and lowered floor, or as Jamie Kerstetter put it, “The Bat-Mobile”: Help @highhands89 afford a ? ?!Check out this great effort started by @Angry_Polak —— Jamie Kerstetter (@JamieKerstetter) August 25, 2020The money rolled inLast night, Brill made huge strides in helping her friend get to the 2021 WSOP, hosting a Twitch stream replete with poker’s mo taobao online Best Online Casino st famous faces: Friends, I just got the guestlist for today's fundraising stream from @Angry_Polak and holy shit!!!!!! It's an all-star lineup!I really hope all of you can join us in about an hour over at or— K.L. Cleeton (@highhands89) May 23, 2021For four hours, it was a who’s who of the pokerati as Brill and special guests celebrated and roasted Cleeton in equal measure while they all watched the donations fly in. Brill herself contributing a massive $10,000 to the fundJason Mo dropped a whopping $5,000. Gary Aranovich gave $3,000. Phil Hellmuth donated $2,000. Kevin Rabichow, Bryn Kenney, and Julie Bonnett sent $1,000. Jennifer Tilly and Andrew Neeme threw $500 in the kitty. In total, 196 donations were collected, with Brill herself contributing a massive $10,000 to the fund. An anonymous donator pledged $900 for 1% of Danielle Anderson’s WSOP Main Event:Just had another person who wishes to remain anonymous donate $900 towards the @highhands89 van fund for 1% of my main event action. The auction was closed but no way I’m turning down that offer. Hope run good karma is real for the generous donors (and me ?). ❤️? #GetKLMoving— Danielle Andersen (@dmoongirl) May 24, 2021Some really big donations still to be added to the totalThere are many more donations in the pipeline, too. Popular Twitch streamer and Canadian reality show star Kevin Martin donated $500 plus all subs and donations from his Sunday stream, earning some run-good karma in the process:Amazing stream! ?Toasty warm winning session and my community came together and raised $4,000 usd for @highhands89 new accessibility van!Big W&# mobilebet365 online casino India 3 taobao against taobao correct score 9;s— Kevin Martin (@KevinRobMartin) May 24, 2021The drive even brought enemies together as Johnnie Vibes, Doug Polk, and Phil Hellmuth were all singing Kumbaya by the end of the stream: I'll be real, im not a big VIBES guy. But being willing to pay $5 per tweet for an unknown amount of retweets…. that takes ballsPlease retweet this guys. Let's get this thing to 1k retweets— Doug Polk (@DougPolkVids) May 24, [email protected]_hellmuth please unblock @JohnnieVibes and retweet his promise of $5/donation towards @highhands89 van fundraiser for max punishments? #ForAGoodCause #ApexPredator— Danielle Andersen (@dmoongirl) May 23, 2021No good deed ever went unpunished:My wife is going to kill me.— Johnnie VIBES (@JohnnieVibes) May 23, 2021Presuming that Vibes doesn’t get over 5,000 retweets, the biggest donation will come from millionaire hedge fund manager, Die With Zero author, and Poker Santa Claus Bill Perkins, who has pledged $25,000. Brill and Cleeton expressed their gratitudeAfter the stream, Brill thanked the community and the people who gave their time and money to the cause:Big thank you to @phil_hellmuth @Oscillator_WSOP @JamieKerstetter @LandonTice @andrewneeme @JohnnieVibes @BrentHarrington @RyanLeng9 @BartHanson @TuckonSports @jeffplatt @ICuRaRook @BennyGlaser @KevinRobMartin for your time and generosity today. I am truly grateful to you all— Veronica hey sexy Brill (@Angry_Polak) May 24, 2021With $35,000 banked plus these other contributions en route, things are looking very promising for the $75,000 target. Understandably, Cleeton was blown away:Thank You— K.L. Cleeton (@highhands89) May 24, 2021 Visit the Stack KL GoFundMe page if you too would like to donate.

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